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Yesterday evening, I finally went through my seed collection, as I am going to send along a few things to my younger sister.

It was emotionally challenging to look through the collection, as I don't know the next time (if ever) I'll have the space and circumstances to plant a garden. In certain categories I also have way more seeds than I will need or be able to use. So perhaps I need to find another seed swap of some sort, as a way to give away most of the seeds.

I also wasn't any good at germinating my own seeds this year, and recent years have indicated to me that I'm not particularly good at it in general, either. That means I can justify keeping certain kinds of seeds, but not others.

I was reminded of the eggplant plant that hung on for several years. It would be nice to get another eggplant plant going, but I have run out of plant pots and potting soil, and can't seem to get the momentum going to find or make more planting space.

I am also concerned about tracking down delicious strawberries somehow, and later on, delicious tomatoes. There are farmer's markets going, but I haven't made it out to any of them yet, because weekends have been full of brevets, and weeknights have been full of inertia.

The next-door apartment neighbors have some really pretty little succulent pots that they put out on the balcony periodically. All of my succulents died during the move, including the tiny, cute ones sytharin sent me. The other next-door neighbors have these big, gorgeous jade plants inside that I can see from the kitchen and bedroom windows. I haven't been able to do jade plants for a whole host of reasons, including a cat who likes to chew on anything that contains chlorophyll. I'm grateful that my view from the kitchen window is of their backyard, full of a whole host of lovingly cultivated spaces.



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May. 7th, 2015 06:58 am (UTC)
I sympathize... the biggest downer of apartment living with cats for me is the loss of gardening. In theory I could have a P patch, but it's not even close to the same. I have rehomed all my plants. I love the kitties, but I loved gardening too.
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