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Small garden, but grand pleasure

Hmm, I should make a gardening-themed userpic.

I made some white bean minestrone last night because I'd been craving food with tomatoes in it, and soup sounded good, too. I was able to use a smidge off the basil plant, and part of the celery plant that I re-rooted from grocery store celery. I've also been able to start harvesting lettuce off of one of the re-rooted lettuce plants. So if you've ever wondered if any of those "turn these kitchen scraps back into plants!" things work, I suppose the answer is yes, although the re-rooted celery is mostly leaves and small stalks. I keep on screwing up the re-rooting of scallions, though. They should be pretty easy, but I've been negligent about changing out their water and getting them back into the dirt.

This morning I noticed that two little tomato plants have sprouted up among a couple of the other plants, most likely a product of applying worm dirt to all of the plants.

The plastic worm bin that my friend Do gave me several years back is seeming like it will be just the right size for one person's worth of kitchen scraps. I modified it from the original, adding a second tray and a whole lot of additional ventilation, so that I can rotate the two trays and add scraps to one level while the worms eat away on the other level.

With all of the recent rain, everything is green and growing. I'm going to have to find a larger container for the tomato plant fairly soon. Most likely I will just sacrifice one of my five-gallon buckets for the job.

Maybe I will have the energy and presence of mind to take a photo of things this evening.


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