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Intriguing links

This lends credence to my sense that I speak differently than I write.

I don't think I'm especially fidgety, although I have a couple of small fidget habits. Fidgeting as a method of coping with ADHD also sounds like one of those things that makes intuitive sense. I still think my mom is right about giving those kids Swiss Discs to sit and wiggle on. I've just never been especially comfortable sitting in chairs, period.

The Lincoln-area bike trail system gets a shout-out from the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Fortunately, the Mopac trail was spared in last week's storm. One of the big mountain biking destinations in the area is completely closed down (Wilderness Park), and several other trails experienced serious washouts. There's no telling how long the repairs are going to take, although it has been interesting to try and follow along with the local bike club's chatter on various trail conditions.

This article is probably paywalled, but talks about a fascinating ecological experiment. The authors showed that the level of relatedness between host species ("hosts" meaning "hosts to a disease") affects disease pressure in a grassland plant community, because diseases can often jump between closely-related species. As they note, this has important implications for maintaining biodiversity, community resistance against introduced species, and landscape management success.

A social scientist friend of mine is having her class read and discuss this book on moving beyond wilderness concepts in envisioning how humans interact with other organisms and the environment. Sometimes I can't stand books in this vein, but this particular friend takes a thoughtful, well-informed approach to the subject, so I suspect this book takes a nuanced perspective and might make for a good read. So I'll add it to my ever-burgeoning list of books to read.


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