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What an indulgent weekend.

I didn't take any photos of breakfast. I mixed up a batch of wheat germ waffles (recipe from annikusrex's dad from ages ago), then chopped up the rhubarb and simmered it down with a bit of sugar, and whipped up some cream. I really enjoy skirting that edge between not-sweet and sweet, and the tart rhubarb and cream play off of each other so well.

Then it was time to go to the lab and sort crickets. And THEN it was time to catch up with grad school friends via video chat. One of those internal "OMG everyone is pregnant or has small children" moments. Still, it was wonderful to see everybody because they are part of my tea-drinking posse of Scrabble players.

The cooking bender continued. I made some paneer so I could make some shahi paneer korma (aka Indian Spaghetti), and used most of the whey in some bread dough. Oh, incidentally, the pear tart was phenomenal, and looked okay, too, although I feel like something's off with the oven and caused the edges to burn instead of turning golden brown.

Pecan-pear tart

Then I baked some soil. Well, sterilized it, to try and start more tomato seedlings. I decided it was time to see if any of those Black Prince seeds I saved a few years ago will germinate. One of the biggest advantages of having a kitchen sink window is that it's the perfect place to put little plant projects that need frequent monitoring.

I also got seeds ready to ship off to my sister, sister-in-law, and S. Just giving seeds to them has made me feel much better about the rest of the seed stash. It's a manageable size now, although for some reason I'm still holding onto a lot of seeds for various squash-type plants. That's okay, overall, as squash seeds are fairly easy to come by anyway.

And now, it's going to be a busy work week, so something tells me I won't regret having avoided manuscript-writing over the weekend. Supposedly they'll turn the heat back on on Monday. There's still no water in the lab, and the aquarium backlog is large. Too large. At least another undergrad will be back to work.



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May. 18th, 2015 03:41 am (UTC)
The cooking bender continued.
I misread that as "cookie bender", and was thinking, "what, you're living on dessert: cookies, tarts, maybe some cake?". :)
May. 18th, 2015 09:57 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm, cookie bender...I've been contemplating making another batch of pink-frosted cookies, but for the moment the pear tart is more than enough.
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