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Adventures with my parents

Morning thunderstorm today.

Yesterday, after breakfast, my parents and I walked over to the university, and I went off to work while my parents visited a couple of university attractions. One of the attractions proved challenging to track down. Apparently they are friends with David Boushey, who told them there was something special built in his honor at the university. The previous day, we'd managed to find a building that seemed like it must be the correct one, but the door we tried was locked. Eventually, my parents asked enough questions to track down the appropriate place, which was an armory named after Boushey, full of stagefighting equipment. A novel treasure to encounter!

They also visited the University of Nebraska State Museum and found that it contained all sorts of wonderful treasures. I feel silly for not having visited it yet, but at least now I know they're open late on Thursdays, so I can walk over there at some point. This campus is full of so many treasures.

When I arrived home, the house smelled wonderful, because they'd gone ahead and gotten underway with dinner plans - black bean chili and cornbread. My father was horrified by how my pressure cooker lets off steam, with a geyser-like eruption, and I can't say I blame him. My stupid oven fooled my mother, but we were able to salvage most of the cornbread and enjoyed a delicious dinner. I've decided they can come back and visit any time.

It's funny how my family's idea of a wild night is tea, cookies, and a cutthroat game of Scrabble. I *almost* managed to spell ICICLE.

And now time for another hectic day of crickets.

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