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The other thing I worked on yesterday was thinking about schemes for the Seattle-to-Portland bike ride.

There will be thousands and thousands of people on the STP (capped at 10,000), and the vast majority are probably going to be trying to take themselves very seriously, kitted out in spandex, chewing goop and slurping sports drinks. The last time S rode with us, he almost got taken out by one of these cyclists at an early stop light, when she couldn't figure out how to unclip from brand-new clipless pedals.

My Arizona friends and I responded to all of this by starting to learn sea shanties, something I've subsequently attempted to keep up.

But I think I need costumes this time around.

I am drawing on this video from a friend-of-a-friend for some inspiration:

I found some instructions on Instructables for how to make a black duct tape pirate hat, which I should be able to modify to turn my helmet into a pirate hat. I'm not completely sold on using duct tape, so I'm still looking for ideas for other materials with a similar degree of structure/flexibility. I'll need to track down an appropriate blouse and vest, and I think I'm going to try and figure something out with socks in lieu of trying to ride with full piratical boots. I do believe I still own a pair of enormous hoop earrings.

It's also time to get another Jolly Roger flag, and maybe figure out some sort of treasure chest, plus a (decorative) ship's tiller for the tandem. I'll pack along the mini speaker and mp3 player, too.

And I might have just convinced my younger sister to dress up like a sea creature. She gets it.
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