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[Saturday errands]

At the farmer's market yesterday, I encountered one farmer selling sour (pie) cherries, one farmer selling interesting peppers for a reasonable price, some rhubarb, and some potatoes, and then I was out of cash. There were beefsteak-style tomatoes, but zero interesting heirloom varieties in sight.

At the grocery store, the shelves containing paper bags of "Tired Produce Discounted Just For You" had bags with slightly unhappy tomatoes, barely unhappy apples, green peppers with small bad spots, pears, and mushrooms that were just starting to dry out. It was also "co-op member discount weekend," and I finally got to cash out my green card discount stamps (totaling $5 off).

Goodwill had some sort of "Dollar Discount" thing happening, so elements for my pirate costume were even cheaper than usual. I might wind up looking like an Office Pirate, though, as I found a nice-looking business vest and the blouse I found doesn't have poofy sleeves. It's a start, however.

Then I rode out to Ben Franklin to see what they have in the way of devices that can punch a hole in the cap of an Eppendorf tube. That store was simultaneously horrifying and interesting. I like it much better than its other big-box craft rivals (JoAnn's, Michael's), and it carries certain odd items I hadn't had a reliable source for (envelope templates, glue pens). But it still made part of my soul shrivel up and die.

And they had punches aplenty, but nothing nearly sturdy enough for my project. Fortunately, there was an Ace Hardware next door that had a leather punch, which works fantastically. They also had popcorn. That reminded me of trips to Ernst with my parents when I was a kid, back when the University Village contained shops worth patronizing. What's the history of hardware stores offering popcorn, anyway?

Then I did my daily cricket work, rode home, and made calzones stuffed with mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomato, and unhealthy but delicious quantities of mozzarella cheese.


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