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I asked scrottie to help me budget some time to work on a long-neglected leafcutter ant manuscript, so yesterday evening we ate a quick dinner of leftovers and had a work date. My notes suggest that it has been about six months since I last sat down to touch this manuscript, coincident with my move from Texas to Nebraska. I'd spent the afternoon reading through a manuscript I agreed to review, which wound up putting me in the perfect frame of mind as I approached the leafcutter manuscript: time to go through the paper and murder some darlings. In a previous draft it had felt important to me to include certain bits of leafcutter-specific information, but at those points my advisor had written, more than once, "I don't see where you're going with these ideas." At the time, I still felt attached to them and was reluctant to change much. The six-month gap cured me of that notion, and the thing felt ready to send back over to my advisor last night. Hurrah, and FINALLY. It needs to get published because it's a good piece of science.


While we were working, S and I heard my cat start horking up something. S says she threw up pretty much every single day while I was out of town, probably because she's a mama's kitty and barfs when she's stressed/anxious. He went to clean up, and discovered that she'd eaten some grass and a bit of clover, which is only odd when you realize that she's an indoor cat and I don't have any grass or clover growing inside at the moment.

I went over to the back screen door, and, sure enough, it was ajar, and as soon as I got over there a small gray form bolted back inside. The whole story is mostly hilarious because she snuck outside for a plant snack, then apparently snuck back inside to barf it up. Why do cats love to do this kind of thing, anyway?


I bought oodles of sour cherries at the farmer's market the other week, and tried to pit and can most of them. However, a couple of the cans didn't seal properly, which is the perfect excuse to cook cherry-themed things, really. So we had some delectable cherry clafoutis for breakfast this morning. YUM.

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