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Updates: Palmitate, exercise, caterpillars

The palmitate situation reached a ludicrously comedic state yesterday. My boss tromped upstairs to the business office to find out what the deal was. After he weighed all the evidence and had a brief strategy meeting with me, we concluded that it was time to cut our losses and focus on other projects instead. So he asked me to ask about canceling the order. I raced up the stairs to let our business person know and to apologize for all the hassle. Then I raced back down the stairs to work on a hojillion other things. In particular, if I wasn't going to inject palmitate I could still prepare and inject acetate instead. A few minutes later, my boss comes into the lab to say it's too late, apparently the palmitate has already shipped and is already over in our Environmental Health and Safety office, to be delivered to our lab in the early afternoon. I put in a phone call and got it delivered before noon, which meant I could use the crickets set up for injections for the day. Data acquired. But YEESH. I will be relieved to be done with palmitate, which should be the case as of next Monday.

I guess the latter two subjects are intertwined. Doing creative stuff for cash money is an interesting experience. Overall, I am enjoying it tremendously and it is enough of a change of pace that I can work all day in the lab, come home, eat dinner, and then work for another hour or two on the illustration in the evening. However, it kept me up well past my bedtime last night, so efforts to get up early and exercise were stymied. In the very least I will be going on a bike ride on Saturday, though. I still need to get out of this "all-or-none" exercise mode. The finalized version of the illustration is due tomorrow, so maybe I'll be able to breathe easier next week. Hah, I doubt it.



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Oct. 23rd, 2015 01:38 am (UTC)
Sorta like bike repairs during the PBP! May the experiment/data tun out to be worth it!
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