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On to glucose

The audience last night for the PBP slideshow was small but enthusiastic. I feel kind of bad for constantly talking it up this year, because it was so hard for me to deal with failing to finish the previous time around. Then again, I had way too many things going on at the same time last time.

The bed magnets were strong this morning. The thermostat in the apartment read 56 degrees when I finally managed to drag myself out, but somehow the apartment doesn't feel as cold as it did last spring, when I attempted to use the dying furnace that could only get the temperature up to 61 degrees. I should shop for a space heater because there's too much inertia involved in lighting a fire in the fireplace (I get home so late I just think, what's the use?). Recommendations appreciated if this is something you've put some thought into.

I finished the palmitate injections on Tuesday. The outcome of that experiment was puzzling - we found that palmitate oxidation rates didn't change across diets or differ between the two cricket morphs. I'd love to have time and energy to sit down and think this through, but meanwhile I have started injecting radioactive glucose into crickets. The glucose isn't quite as stressful as palmitate because it's readily water-soluble, but the set of crickets I'm working with appear to have the same problem as the palmitate crickets. Namely, we reared them at a higher temperature to speed up their development, which means they are all molting as adults at the same time, which means I am setting up and trying to inject oodles of crickets at the same time. I mean, I only had 43 crickets today.

It's tomorrow that will get really interesting because I will have to set up and complete 3 rounds of injections. The glucose-injected crickets only incubate for an hour, so I alternate hours, first injecting ~24 crickets, then freezing them, then injecting another set, et cetera. I might set a new record tomorrow.

I only have a 7-hour time window in which to complete the injections, so I'm capped at 72 crickets. That's in addition to an hour of prep work, and however much time it takes me to dissect the crickets and sort through and set up additional crickets for the subsequent week.

Hopefully things go smoothly over the next several days. If so, I will be finished with injections because of this compressed schedule and very relieved to be done with them.


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Oct. 29th, 2015 11:05 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh, I'm rooting for you! May tomorrow go well!
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