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Emma is now willing to get a bit closer to the thing that makes scary hissing and popping noises.


Originally, I was going to go ride a 200k permanent today, but approvals didn't go through quite in time. So instead, I spent most of the day working away at various small and fiddly tasks that are preparatory towards moving. A bunch of little packages are now ready to be shipped off, and my desk is now more organized than it has been in a while.

There may have also been a cooking bender. This week I wanted to cook a hybrid variant of palak paneer (tonight), and pumpkin enchiladas (dinner tomorrow). The thing is, cheese can quickly get expensive. So the bender began with a large batch of farmers' cheese (aka paneer): I boiled about a gallon of milk, added some vinegar, then strained the solids with cheesecloth and weighted the solids down for an hour. One of the bonuses of this approach is that I get whey along with the cheese. I've used some of the whey for rice and for bread dough, and the rest will probably go into things like oatmeal.

I also attempted to make graham cracker cookies. Except, if I'm going to go to the trouble of homemade graham crackers, they should probably be chocolate graham crackers, amirite? Well, I set out to use the Smitten Kitchen recipe, except I forgot to add the honey, and added a half-cup of cocoa powder. It took me a little while to figure out why my dough wasn't as sticky as described. Regardless! The result is a bunch of chocolatey, crispy cookies, so while I wouldn't call them graham crackers anymore I would definitely call them edible, and I might even make them again this way.

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