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Mid-whirlwind [status]

Thursday: ate food with family. Parents helped me unpack the moving truck - a novel experience, having so much help and being so much less exhausted and sweaty as compared to prior moves (Texas, Lincoln).

Friday: spent the morning organizing and doing initial unpacking. Spent the afternoon in the Mission District and surroundings with S, AKW, and WH. New agenda item: Surrey races in Golden Gate Park. The Flower Conservatory had a mind-blowing collection of orchids.

Saturday: 200k "permanent" with S, wherein the California drivers did not kill us. I would say the overall feeling was comparable to randonneuring in Arizona. The brevet took us across an incredible bike/ped bridge and over a big hill to Napa Valley, then over a series of lumps out to Davis. Slightly more climbing than we've done on recent brevets (8000 feet over 200km seems solid). Davis still seems nice. The roll-on bike service on the CA Amtrak trains is phenomenal.

Sunday: Transferred stuff into the attic. There's still a ton of space up there, which is nice/reassuring. Then we drove out to Stockton and put larger furniture items and deep storage items into a 5x6 storage unit. I guess that took us through a region referred to as "the maze," which involves a whole series of merges and interchanges. By that point, we were running so late that I dropped S off at the house while I went over to the closest Home Despot to return the truck half a day late.

A bit more quiet time would be nice.

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