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Weekend projects: slowly but surely.

I spent several hours on Saturday working on some fairly unsurprising holiday gifts for people (they *will* be appreciated, they're just unsurprising, but you know, that's okay). I'm not feeling especially ambitious this year, or at all materialistic, so things will be simple. Hmm, maybe I should just give away a whole bunch of reflective ducks to everyone. Who doesn't need more reflective ducks? It's the simple pleasures in life, right?

On Sunday, we got underway with Project Bike Storage. Most of the garage space at this house has been converted to an awesome studio apartment, but there's a small section towards the front that contains a washing machine and dryer, secured behind a pair of doors that swing open to the front of the house. The perfect space for storing bikes. Okay, the only space, really. The thing is, we need to be able to accommodate five bikes in the space, and the present lack of organization has been making it difficult for L to reach the washer and do his laundry. The first step was the removal of an enormous storage shelf, which we repositioned in the work shed in the backyard. Something tells me the shelf will be highly useful in the work shed. I also made it over to the local Ace Hardware (a HUGE one) and procured three bike hooks. The neurotic part of me that demands to always inventory the entire bike shop or grocery store also demanded that I inventory the entire hardware store. This one appears to have great housewares and storage supplies, compared to many Ace Hardwares. Dangerously useful.

Next I will need to cut down a scrap 2x4 to the correct length, remove the random nails pounded into it, and track down screws to fasten it to the studs. Then I'll drill holes, secure the hooks, and we should be good to go. I sort of feel like it should have been possible to get those pieces finished yesterday, but no such luck. Still, moving forward slowly is not moving backwards.


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