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Plots and schemes for 2016

Today has been an "organize the calendar" sort of day. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but at the same time this is a good time of year to take stock of things and think about plans for the upcoming year, including changes. I am not sure about how to organize this list of things I am wanting to organize, but here it is:

-Short-term: Finish bike hook installation (probably the weekend I get back to town - Jan 8).

-Schedule a piano tuner (S gave me the Gift of Tuning, hurrah!)

-Figure out rowing in the Bay Area. A big thank-you to dichroic for passing along a couple of lists of the area rowing clubs. Starting point: Berkeley Paddling and Rowing Club (closer), if not that then Lake Merritt (8.7 mile bike ride one-way).

-Finish out an R-12 award (i.e. ride at least a 200km brevet each month for 12 consecutive months; I have 3 more months to go). Once I finish this, I plan to focus more on rowing, with occasional recreational bicycling thrown in for fun and profit (e.g. more picnics and bike camping).

-Come up with a plan for creative projects. sytharin and the housemates are somewhat keen to get ceramics operations up and running, which is something that makes me dream of gas-fired kilns and learning to mix up glazes. These two dreams are impractical for the here-and-now, plus I have other, non-ceramic creative projects that I wish to attend to (specifically, quilting and knitting). Hence the need for more of a plan for creative projects. The best solution may be just to schedule Crafternoons with RAC. That should also help us figure out how I can best help her with gardening projects, too. I can see why people use shareable calendar goop for this stuff, although I am tempted to continue rebelling with my paper and text files.

-Academic to do (condensed version): make a schedule for the conference in Portland next week; push forward the leafcutter manuscript (which doom level have I reached, again?); make a semester plan; analyze data and write manuscripts; start new experiments; polish job application materials.

-Get back on track with tracking spending. As mentioned elsejournal, I'm particularly interested in doing some detailed grocery accounting. In part this should help me figure out which items I wish to buy where in the grocery landscape of the Bay Area, and in part I am intrigued by the idea of comparing grocery spending here against grocery spending elsewhere (Lincoln in particular), and in seeing what I eat over the course of a year. Lincoln groceries won't include the occasional foray to the farmer's market, but those trips were pretty occasional and mostly for pecans and fruit bonanzas, because the grocery co-op did such an awesome job of selling locally-produced foods.

Edited to add:
-Develop the Bike-Friendly Fridays coffeeshop agenda for the East Bay.

I think that covers the major bases.


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Jan. 2nd, 2016 04:16 am (UTC)
Re: grocery accounting, I still can't decide if I want to closely track bicycle costs and compare my (currently four) forms of transit or not. I can't see a way that walking isn't by far the cheapest, but biking is still probably cheaper than driving overall even if I do buy an expensive new bike this year. (Sadly, giving up the car, which I still think about, would not get me the parking space fee back unless I also gave up the motorcycle. And that's not happening unless my health gets too bad to ride -- that's love right there, heh. If I didn't also have a bike I'd be more tempted to get rid of the car, though.)

I can't figure out a clean way to determine how much bike "fuel" (aka extra food) costs. I can calculate the cost of meals while biking, and right after, but if there are bleedover "nope, still starving!" events into the next day and I'm using the bike for commuting, there's no clean way to figure out what's biking fuel versus everything else I am doing fuel, heh.

I admit I am really looking forward to the U District farmer's market tomorrow. First one of the year!
Jan. 3rd, 2016 02:18 pm (UTC)
scrottie spent a year tracking bicycling-related expenses, around five years ago, but I don't know that he ever wrote up a conclusion/summary from that period.

I think it can be tricky to make a walking vs. bicycling comparison. For me at least, the bicycle extends my travel radius considerably, so the more apt comparison would be bicycling vs. public transit + walking. There are generally large time costs for taking public transit, in addition to the (heavily subsidized) fare prices.

And yeah, I don't think there's a clean way to make the "fuel" costs calculations. People have tried, and some of the accounts have gotten to be highly sensationalized. This quick op-ed covers some of the major pointers. However, I tend to agree that the whole carbon footprint of eating meat or animal products gets oversensationalized.

So I'm just most interested in pricing out food for the sake of figuring out what to expect and seeing how prices compare between places. For whatever reason, eggs and dairy in California have been confusing to me so far. sytharin has commented that eggs are expensive and hard to get in CA because of the issues with avian flu, but then again when I was in Lincoln I bought locally-produced free-range eggs at a price that didn't seem to be impacted by the larger-scale economic circumstances.

Edited to add... Yay U District Farmer's Market! I love that one. The Berkeley Farmer's Market is on my list of food-gathering places to visit, although I fear that it will be overrun with value-added goods and will be overpriced. We shall see.

Edited at 2016-01-03 02:19 pm (UTC)
Jan. 4th, 2016 11:02 pm (UTC)
Hi there! Happy New Year! Glad to see that you're still rowing. I'm still in Seattle, and I've been rowing. Maybe I'll catch you at regionals or something some year. I'm still not fast enough to justify traveling for a race, but my husband is.. so I may tag along. Or if I can get into a good 8 :).
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