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Ahh, bike maintenance. It always seems like a thing that can be scheduled in a straightforward fashion. Earlier in the week, the housemates and I were talking about how projects happen, and I noted that it wasn't a REAL project unless it involved at least two trips to the hardware store.

Bike maintenance usually doesn't require multiple trips to the bike shop, but it can require the occasional unanticipated trip, and regardless, it almost always takes twice as long, if not longer, to do.

On top of that, it has continued to rain here, a soft and gentle drizzle that mostly serves to make the indoors seem that much more cozy and outdoor activities slightly less enticing. sytharin did manage to get out during a gap in the clouds to turn the compost heap and also to trim a good 6-8 inches of dead, frizzed-out hair off my head.

Once that was accomplished, there was no more delaying the inevitable. I got the Jolly Roger all half-assedly washed up out on the back patio (poor bike, so grimy). I'd pulled off all the old brake pads before I realized that I only had a single set of spares in the bike parts bin. Thankfully, the Missing Link in Berkeley is open on Sundays. Also thankfully, Froinlavin is in rideable condition. It would have been highly irritating to further postpone the project.

S was kind enough to put up with me continuing to fuss around with bike parts during our Skype-Scrabble game. Adjusting brakes is not one of my favorite activities. V-brakes can be finicky.

It was dark by the time I got everything back together, and still raining, and time for dinner, so I haven't been out for a test ride yet. But at least it feels like I've accomplished a few things for the day's work.


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