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We took Monday morning off from going to the boathouse gym for strength training. I still need to figure out how to start mapping the training calendar from the Craftsbury Gang (as I am going to call them) onto my own schedule. Maybe I'll manage to get that done over the upcoming weekend. Their schedule is broken down by heart rate/intensity, with a set number of minutes accomplished each week, and any kind of minutes count (i.e. bike commuting contributes to overall fitness). But that means I need to figure out how many minutes and what sort of minutes I get from commuting.

In the meantime, I switched boats this morning. Up until now I've been rowing in a Maas open-water single. They are wider and more stable than racing shells, since they're designed for ocean rowing. I was mostly using it because it seemed like a boat I would be least likely to bash around and break in the process of learning my way around the boathouse and aquatic park.

But it was time for a change. So today I switched over to a blue Hudson midweight racing single. I need to get some pieces of foam to use as heel inserts, becuase my feet were way too low in the giant shoes. The tracks were also less than perfect, ugh. It's an older boat. It wasn't a pretty row, but it wasn't terrible, either. I also need to keep working on core stability and control. It's taking time to get all those postural muscles correctly re-aligned, but in the long run it is so much better for me to be in good rowing shape just for the sake of functioning in everyday life.

While I took the boat around for a few laps, I invariably thought of my whole rowing family. Some of the rowers from Interlochen in Seattle showed up in a dream the other night, making me wonder how they're doing. I almost always wind up hearing Okie's voice in my head, saying something pithy. I also think of K and what it's like to have a good doubles partner, and I think of Z and her mom, R, who got me started with sculling and master's rowing back when I was a kid. I won't be in this area for long enough to get a team experience going here, so it's really best to keep working away at things in the single.

Unsurprisingly, my energy levels are plummeting now that I'm at work.



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Feb. 16th, 2016 09:05 pm (UTC)
see if you can borrow that lady's two and six-year old as passengers, soon you will be strong like her.

Feb. 16th, 2016 09:33 pm (UTC)
*laughs* It would probably help!

The tricky part is really that there aren't many other activities that require the same kind of core strength. I should do more exercises on an exercise ball.
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