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Tallships and Projects

I made it out rowing on Saturday morning. Finally. It had been nearly two weeks, thanks to that head cold. I need to keep trying out different boats, though. The shoes in the blue Hudson are too large, which means my heels are too low in the boat. The tracks are also worn out to a point where they're mildly annoying (although hoo-eee, I've used way worse). My preferred set of oars also needs new wear plates, so I should probably just go ahead and order those and replace them.

Just as I wrapped things up at the boathouse, scrottie, sytharin, and L arrived, ready to roll down to Jack London Square to check out a couple of tallships moored at the pier. That was fun and interesting.


Mind thy head


I thought the basil plant in the galley window was a nice touch:
Greenery at sea


So many sheets and lines...



Other than that, I am feeling pretty satisfied with work on weekend projects. Thank goodness, because it's going to be a busy week and there's a 300k next Saturday, so I don't expect to get much of anything done next weekend. I got geared up to tackle sewing projects, which included going through a couple of fabric boxes and getting rid of stuff, although I didn't actually do much sewing. [That reminds me I need to find a place that will take old denim.]

I also applied some privacy frosting material to the glass patio doors:

The next morning, my roommate P came downstairs and cackled with glee, because one of the backyard cats was on the back porch, meowing, and Emma had absolutely no idea. So, it looks like this will work nicely.

And I installed mosquito screening over the back bedroom doors:

Notice how, if I wanted to, I previously could have ninja-dropped onto L as he stepped out of his garage-apartment door. I only tacked things down at the top and bottom, so I go back should tack down the sides, too, for durability and full insect security in the long term. But that can wait until another weekend. At least it's now possible to open the bedroom door and get fresh air without letting mosquitoes in or cats or ninjas out.

I also helped sytharin cart home some wood to build planter boxes in the driveway (you can see her working on the boxes in one of the photos above), and we came up with a plan for the garden hoops, too*.
Hauling 12 6-foot boards

Now THAT was an interesting trip. We learned that if you try to daisy-chain two bike trailers together, you'll have some serious problems maneuvering around corners. Fortunately, we only had to manually pivot the trailer twice on the ride home, and most of the ride home happened along bike paths. I'll need to do a bit more thinking about how to set things up for any future expeditions of this nature. It was still quite satisfying to haul all these boards by bicycle.

We'll fill the planter boxes with sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

*The garden hoops, which I used to build the Tomato Chapel in Texas, are going to be used as a shade structure for growing leafy greens during the summertime. It's nice to finally put them back to use!


Mar. 1st, 2016 05:35 pm (UTC)
I just don't even know how they manage with the basil. In other parts of the galley, there were lots of extra strips along the edges of shelves to keep the spices in their place and things. We also enjoyed seeing fruit hanging in a hammock.

A friend elsejournal pointed out a better trailer strategy for the next time: move the rear trailer forward to the lumber's balance point, and just take the wheels off the front trailer. Then the front trailer mostly just acts as the hitch. Maybe we'll get to try it some day.
Mar. 2nd, 2016 02:18 am (UTC)
I like that trailer mod, yeah. Multi-articulation is tricky at the best of times, and when you have inflexible loads spread across multiple points you get into really dubious territory.

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