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Head spin daze

Work here is getting busier, which is really good for me, overall.

But that means a bit less time for reflection sometimes.

I think I need to give myself a quest, of seeking out a good park space/expedition that I can go on, occasionally, when I need that time and space for reflection.

But in the meantime, some good things:

-I'm looking forward to what will probably be another nutty brevet this weekend, given the weather forecast. A 300k, and I am hoping the dismal weather discourages the tourist traffic along Highway 1. Wish us warm woolens, occasional tailwinds, and astute navigation. If we successfully complete this one, I will have finished out an R-12, riding at least a 200k every month for the past 12 months. Then I will continue turning my focus to rowing. There are regattas on the horizon...

-I pushed myself to get a bunch of data analysis done in advance of a practice talk today. I'll give the first "real" talk next Friday at an intra-departmental seminar and I hope to use a version of this talk for an invited seminar soon, too. The outcomes of this stage of data analysis are interesting and exciting, so I am looking forward to continuing with it so I can put together a "results" summary to send to TZ and SB.

-I am really enjoying Friday morning bike rides as a "sister bonding" activity. They're also fun when L and scrottie join us. I'm reminded a bit of the old Car Resistance Action Party rides in Tempe, back when I first started hanging out with that gang. Half of the benefit of the CRAP rides was the chance to come up with adventure schemes and projects while we ate food and drank drinks. RAC and I wind up talking about plans for the garden and creative projects. It's great.


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Mar. 4th, 2016 07:51 pm (UTC)
You are hereby wished warmth, occasion, and astuteness. :)
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