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Repairs, continued

Cleaning the boombox's CD lens with a little dab of isopropyl alcohol did the trick! No need for complex disassembly. I was so pleased that I might have been dancing around the house for a while thereafter. Fixing the CD player means that I can put away the portable CD player for now, even though I've finagled a repair for it as well - a little piece of cardboard wedged against the lever to convince it that it's closed. I'd had the portable player plugged into the boombox, which worked, but was fussy.

I started diving into sewing mending projects by first hemming a pair of scrottie's pants. It feels good to have unearthed the sewing machine. Then I worked on zipper replacement for a pair of pants I really like. I got partway through before realizing that yeah, I'm going to have to track down the proper zipper foot to put in the second line of stitching reinforcement. So then I walked down to the hardware store to look at tiny table legs for the set of drawers that lives under the desk, to the JoAnns of Disappointment to look for the zipper foot, then to the Lucky for a few groceries.

Oh well. At least the project is underway. I also cut out and pinned on some corduroy elbow patches for the old purple sweater I just can't stop wearing.

Somehow, those projects took most of the afternoon.

I also discovered that Froinlavin takes a different kind of brake pad than I thought, so I'll get the correct ones when I go back to pick up S's bike from the shop. And I got halfway through the project of swapping on new tires. I'm not particularly keen about the new tires - something something Vittoria. I think I'm going to go back to Bontragers once these tires wear out in six months. I did get another bottle cage installed, for carrying along a spare folding tire, so that counts for something.

I feel much better about life now, with some of these projects well underway.

So then I made some mushroom risotto and had a quiet evening. Today, S is heading back to Arizona to work on a bike project and pack up his stuff there. It won't be an easy trip for him but here's hoping it goes smoothly. I have a feeling I have plenty of distractions lined up for while he is away.



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Mar. 15th, 2016 04:32 am (UTC)
I've had the most luck with Continentals, specifically Four Seasons, as regards a good combination of durability and functionality. If I rode on worse roads I'd probably be looking for something better vs. thorns and glass.
Which Bontragers were you using, that you'd like to move back to?
Mar. 15th, 2016 04:47 pm (UTC)
The roads out here really aren't all that bad, anyway. But I should still look at those Four Seasons.

I'd been using the Bontrager Hardcases for a long time, but then both S and my dad had problems with the rubber delaminating, plus I moved to places where it was less convenient to get them.

I really want to support my local/most convenient bike shop, but it's really frustrating when they basically only carry lightweight race tires and cheap tires. Grr.
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