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I meant to get up and go rowing this morning. I woke up and checked the time at 4 am. Okay, another hour to sleep. Then I proceeded to have a horrifying dream, where I was supposed to give a talk about wing polymorphism to an audience in Florida, only no one was listening and instead people were having loud conversations with each other. I tried to shout to be heard, knowing that this isn't an effective strategy, but then everyone's attention was diverted by the formation of a series of large tornadoes just outside the conference room. Thanks, subconscious!

When I woke up again, it was 6 am. I had forgotten to set my alarm clock for 5. So I lay in bed, thinking for a while about various manuscripts (mostly the leafcutter one), and then got up, figuring it would help to at least keep working on resetting my internal alarm clock.

I did a better job last night and this morning of chipping away at various chores. I replaced the badly worn brake pads on Froinlavin, and installed the new tires (I had to wait to do this because I wanted the rear wheel and tube to dry out). I put more stuff in the attic, mostly painting supplies and a painting. I suspect I won't do much painting in the near future. I balanced my checkbook and did laundry. Tonight hopefully I'll sew those elbow patches on that sweater.

I think I've mentioned this story before: sometime shortly after my Grandma Clark passed away, I spent some time with a cousin of mine in Salt Lake City, who is also a quilter. She showed me one of the very last quilts that Grandma Clark ever made (for the record, she managed to make a quilt for all 55 of her grandkids). It was hand-quilted. This wouldn't mean much to most people, except that A pointed out that it was a sign that Grandma wasn't feeling very energetic, so it was something she could work on while still in bed.

With the way my metabolism and the evening temperatures work around here, I tend to get cold in the evenings and just want to huddle somewhere warm. On top of that, the brightest light that I have at the moment is the one in the bedside lamp. So I suspect I'll be doing my hand-sewing and quilting in bed, too.


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Mar. 17th, 2016 01:22 am (UTC)
I used to do a ton of chainmail because it was a single-location project. I did it huddled in front of a fireplace, but the idea is similar.

That's a hilarious upsetting dream.
Mar. 17th, 2016 04:35 pm (UTC)
As far as upsetting dreams go, it was quite entertaining, at least! I think it sprung from the part of my subconscious that's working on writing manuscripts - in particular, the part of manuscripts that says, "Here's why you should care about this stuff."
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