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Tuesday morning, I got up when the alarm went off at 5 and stood around for a few minutes before climbing back under the covers. Trying to get too many things done in the evening makes it harder than usual to get up and go rowing, especially when those things end on a nervous note (at that point, still trying to track down that Texas W-2). This carryover effect is the main reason I don't try to cram in extra work-work in the evenings.

Last night, I decided it would be better to pace myself. I got two things done - retrieving scrottie's bike from the shop, baking bread - and that was enough. And lo, I made it rowing this morning. I find myself missing K a lot, out here, because I'm back in one of those circumstances where there's zero accountability for showing up. On the other hand, at least there are two doubles that show up frequently, and the doubles rowers are really nice.

In a lot of ways, the rowing situation mirrors the situation with playing the piano. I was never disciplined about practicing the piano when I was younger. I keep asking myself the futile question, "What's the use?" when to some degree I should really just not ask the question and instead focus on simply engaging in the practice. And I do see the benefits of practice and exercise translating to other aspects of my life.

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