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First, the thing that touched a nerve: this post on academics moving around. I have experienced far, far too many of the things on that list, and I'm not finished moving, yet. I can tell you, though, on a pragmatic level, that it appears to take about 3 months to get through the initial transitional stage. And I can also tell you that I am both grateful and relieved to currently be in an area where I'm close to family and friends.


I made it to the boathouse again this morning. Yesterday, after I finshed rowing, I tried measuring the distance from the oarlock pins to the side of the boat, and observed that the port oarlock was a good 2 cm further away than the starboard oarlock. That confirmed what I was feeling when out on the water.

So this morning, when I got up, I pawed through a stack of rowing papers and found my rigging notes. Then I went back and measured all of the key things (oar length, inboard, spread) and double-checked the pin distances from the center of the boat. Yep, still a 2 cm difference. So I reset both pins 0.5 cm towards starboard (=net distance change of 1 cm) and went out for a test row. Night-and-day difference, I tell ya.

As I toodled around, Fast Rower asked if I was interested in joining her and Happy Double (as I will henceforth call them) for some interval pieces - 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. So I did, even though I'm still rowing like a sloppy teenager.

I keep thinking back to those early days with the Arizona Outlaws, especially that first year of flailing around in the single. dichroic, T, and K were so kind about inviting me to join them for race pieces. Racing/rowing against/with other boats is still the most efficient way to get better and faster. That was the first period where I really had to teach myself how to get up and out to the lake on my own.



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Mar. 25th, 2016 07:15 pm (UTC)
; '
seems like a lifetime since i've rowed in a boat..

happy double!

Edited at 2016-03-25 07:16 pm (UTC)
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