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Nighttime insanity

Sleep could have been better last night.

First, when it's unusually warm, I tend to not do very well with sleeping in general.

But then, at some point, I woke up to the sound of a cat fight. How could that have happened? Hadn't I blocked the main opportunity for those shenanigans? It turned out the front door hadn't latched properly, and blew open because it was windy. When I went down the stairs to check on things, I saw Emma, looking a little freaked out, and the wide-open door. She otherwise seemed okay, but I don't know whether she won that fight or not.

And then the next-door neighbors decided to yell at each other at around 2 am. I don't know the whole history, but at least I haven't heard gunshots, which makes them less scary so far than the registered sex offender neighbor in Texas. [Or that one weird incident in the middle of the night at the abandoned house on the other side.] Still, their yells happen right by my door-window, so eventually, I had to close it, which made things warm and stuffy but at least quiet.

Emma was curled up on the blanket by my feet when I finally gave up at 4:50 and got up to get ready to go to the boathouse.

The wind was still gusting when I got to the boathouse, but I did some interval pieces with Serious Double nonetheless. Good race practice conditions, I figure.

I suspect I'm going to fall asleep early tonight.

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