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Adjustments [rowing]

This has been a fairly uninspiring week on the rowing front. I tried to get up on Tuesday morning and failed, so I made myself take the hilly route home, 20 minutes of up and 10 minutes back down. I don't mind the uphill section at all, it's the downhill that's nerve-wracking because it's pretty steep and I should probably just go ahead and replace my brake pads already.

I tried to get up yesterday morning, and made it all the way to getting dressed and making my sandwich for lunch before I just couldn't and crawled back in bed for two more solid hours of sleep.

This morning, my body woke up at around 4 am, so by the time the alarm went off at 5, I was ready to go.

Still in the blue Hudson. After spending some time in the three 1xes at P and T's house, however, I wound up approaching things differently with the blue Hudson. First, I rolled up the polar fleece "mittens" that are used to protect the oarlocks and boats, and stuck them in the oversize shoes. I had to readjust the footstretchers three times to get them to the right place, and then I snapped out a pair of spacers to lower the oarlocks.

Suddenly, the boat fits pretty well, and I'm no longer at risk of making my lower back unhappy. The water was flat as glass when I got out there, and I was able to get in some halfway decent rowing. I still feel like my body wiggles slightly more than I'd like - I need to work on poise. But at least I'm now in a position where I can work on those things comfortably.



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Apr. 23rd, 2016 01:22 am (UTC)
good on you!
the feeling of being supported by water reflection in crystal silence must be wholly life affirming. i wish i spent more time with nature, but i am too dormant for all that fresh air and physical activity..

; )
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