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Seven-lap Saturdays and Double Trouble

Back in Arizona, when we were getting ready for the Marathon Rowing Championship, KM and I would have "four-lap Friday" as our weekly long row to work on toughening up our hands for the race. Out here, Saturdays are the best day for a long row, so I'm going to start building up to that sort of distance. I only did four laps this morning, which is 12km; four laps on Tempe Town Lake was 20km. I can tell that this distance is trivial in terms of cardiovascular fitness, but strength, poise, and hand toughness are all still in catch-up mode. There's a part of me that wonders whether I could maintain good fitness for both rowing and randonneuring, but on the other hand there are only so many hours in the day, and rowing out here really trumps bicycling in terms of overall pleasantness because the roads are crowded but the Aquatic Park isn't.

I wound up getting off the water at around the same time as Old Man Double, whose names I now know as S and D. As I was stepping onto the dock, S said, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but how much do you weigh?" Ahh, rowers. Five minutes after introductions and we all know how old everybody is and how much everybody weighs. When I told him he suggested that I try taking out yet another boat, a silver Kaschper. I don't have a whole lot of love for Kaschpers*, but on the other hand, he's right that it's worth a try.

S and D are going to Gold Rush, so they filled me in on some details that will be useful for getting boats over there. And then they introduced me to another rower who was just about to go out on the water and who doesn't currently have a doubles partner. She's KM's age, but we quickly made plans to get out for a test row a week from Sunday. She's getting ready to head to Craftsbury for a weekend rowing clinic, and hadn't been thinking too hard about racing, but said she could be persuaded. So that's exciting. She's also from Seattle (woo!) but got into rowing in Boston, at the Cambridge Boat Club.

There are so many regattas to choose from out here. I'm loving it. My friend M from the Pocock Center appeared at the Covered Bridge Regatta, still selling rowing jewelry. I'm probably going to try to head up to Seattle for a race or two this year, just because it would be so fun to get in some racing on the old stomping grounds, plus I could combine a rowing trip with visits with family and friends. Northwest Masters Regionals are out at Lake Vancouver, and Southwest Masters Regionals are at Lake Merritt, so both of those are tempting, too.

*The high school coach I disliked got a good deal on a fleet of Kaschpers when she was looking to stock her new floating boathouse. They wear out quickly, and if you get a teaspoon of water in them, they swamp. Also, the sweep riggers have two metal bars that span the width of the boat, and it is incredibly painful when one's hands get bashed into that space, which inevitably happens on an off-set stroke.



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Apr. 27th, 2016 12:38 am (UTC)
Speaking of the floating boathouse, i didnt realize it but HNA moved out of those digs when that coach decided to get out of the rowing business. They (and LUC) are now located off of Westlake. The space is now occupied by something called The College Club. Entrance requirement: a college diploma and a lot of cash. Ick.

On a similar note, I accosted a woman with a HNA crew shirt on the BG trail this morning. Turns out her daughter was a rower. :)

Happy Rowing, R!

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