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Stuff Management [The boy is back in town]

(I have got to get a better song stuck in my head!)

scrottie has returned! As he has put it, this is the third time that Princess TinyCar has gotten a ride in the back of a moving truck. He managed to avoid outbound traffic in Phoenix, and inbound traffic in the Bay Area, by driving in the middle of the night, but not traffic around Los Angeles. Also, what is up with the terrible freeway pavement quality in the Bay Area, anyway?

Regardless, now that he's here, it's time for another round of Fitting Too Much Stuff Into Small Spaces, wahoo! Most of his belongings are headed for a nearby storage unit, but of course a person needs some room for day-to-day personal possessions, too. So I am going to pull the sewing machine out of its cabinet and will stick it on my desk while I refinish the cabinet. I don't know where it will live after that.

Under certain conditions, I would embrace the mantra of "adding more storage space will just encourage the accumulation of more junk." However, under the present circumstances, I think we're justified in adding just a bit more storage space in order to try and make the existing space more functional. Once I've had a chance to save up some more funds, I'm eyeing a futon bed frame that has space underneath for a couple of drawers, kind of like the bed/trundle bed combo that my brother and sister used as kids. What we need is the ability to access and use stuff, which in the long run will actually contribute to ensuring we have a good "stuff" ratio going.

Meanwhile, I bit the bullet and got two more folding-stackable bookcases to upgrade the Gorm to something that will do a better job of holding books and related items.

I'm going to have to keep working on management of the stuff in the closet, too. Those boxes of academic papers in particular still need to be dealt with. That's probably going to call for a good scanner.

My stuff, it owns me.


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