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Three recent things, illustrated

Thing 1: sytharin took us to Nabolom Bakery this morning, and the baked goods were as good as promised. Good drip coffee, too. We were all glad we brought our reusable mugs with us.


RAC got an especially tasty multi-grain hearty cheese twist pastry. I love raspberry scones, and had one of those, plus the pictured almond croissant, which was also great.

Thing 2: Here's our starting point for the Bean of the Month Club:


Have you heard of any of these before, and know of anything to do with them? Otherwise we'll just be winging it. I don't know of good things to do with lima beans in particular.

The other recent curiosity at Monterey Market is "lupin flour." Apparently it's an alternative to soy, although it's also leguminous and may trigger reactions in people who avoid soy for allergy/intolerance reasons. I'm mostly interested in it as an alternative to agribusiness, so I'll try some out once I've used up my current stock of soy flour. So far I have crossed off gram flour (chickpeas) and hemp flour as possible alternatives. Gram flour has too much flavor and hemp flour generates bad gas.

Thing 3: I finally captured a photo of Princess TinyCar in the back of a moving truck!


The story is even more fun (for me to tell, at least), just based on how a bunch of logistics have unfolded, and thanks to a happy ending (for now). Here's the short version. One of the projects that scrottie put a bunch of effort into just prior to moving out here was getting plates for PTC. That involved a series of overhauls/tunings of things (=considerable time and effort) and then spending quality time working on car insurance and then at the Arizona DMV, where he learned he'd need an emissions test, which then failed, unsurprisingly. He couldn't store PTC in AZ without a license plate and was concerned that it would be even harder to get a license plate in CA, so this was cause for additional stress on top of the usual stresses of moving. Based on the timing for returning the moving truck when it was due (11 am Wednesday), we worked hard on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning to get the truck unpacked of everything other than PTC. In this photo, we're about to wheel the motorcycle down the ramp. Then S took PTC, still in the moving truck, over to the CA DMV.

He has observed that whenever a person goes to the DMV, the trip generally involves missing at least one meal, because you have to get there sufficiently early in the morning that they get to your number before closing, and then you'll probably be waiting until after lunch before they actually call your number. Given PTC's age, in CA the only thing she needed for a license was a vehicle inspection to verify the VIN. It sounds like the inspectors were amused by S's method for bringing PTC to the DMV, and were also amused by her because she's an entertaining older vehicle (so tiny!). California car culture has a lot of downsides, but for once it greased the wheels in our favor.

Then he brought PTC back over to the house and used his hand-winch to extract her and park on the street. He was late in returning the moving truck but also miraculously avoided late fees there. Phew.

Yesterday, while parked out on the street, she got her first love note ("My friend would really like to buy your car, here's my friend's phone number!").


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Apr. 30th, 2016 02:38 am (UTC)
This is amazing. California is famous the world over for difficulty in licensing vehicles that waver at all from automobiles sold by major car companies in the US in the last five years.

It'd be fun to have a tiny-car-competition between the Honda and the Spitfire.
May. 2nd, 2016 06:53 pm (UTC)
Did you have a chance to see the photos scrottie posted from the Phoenix Tiny Car Show not too long ago?
May. 3rd, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
I must have missed that. I'm pretty fond of tiny cars.
May. 2nd, 2016 04:03 am (UTC)
Cannellini beans are the best. Here is a recipe: Cook with onion, carrots, garlic head, 1 tsp. salt, bay leaves, and water. Discard all but 1 c. cooking liquid and garlic, which should be squeezed back into the beans. Then saute some more garlic in olive oil (with sage if you like), add a can of diced tomatoes and 1/2 tsp. salt, simmer for 10 mins. Then add the beans and reserved cooking liquid, simmer for 20 more mins., add pepper, any add'l salt, and parsley, and serve with olive oil.

For lima beans, do you have any saffron? This looks good: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Baghali-Ghatogh.

May. 2nd, 2016 06:52 pm (UTC)
I should get cannellini beans into the mix more regularly! That sounds phenomenal.

And so does the Baghali-Ghatogh. We have dill plants sprouting up as weeds all over the place, and I'll bet I can find saffron somewhere around here. I tried growing saffron in Arizona, but then someone thought the pot with the saffron bulb was empty. I suppose it would probably grow in this climate as well. I should look into that again. In the meantime, I'll just buy it somewhere. :^)
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