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Yesterday and today I have felt grumpy for no particular reason. Regardless, I dragged my grumpy self out of bed this morning, made a grumpy sandwich and some bread dough, and grumped on down to the boathouse. The quiet bike ride through the dawn started to ease up some of the grump.

I reached the boathouse a bit late but in time to see both Serious Double and Happy Double right as they launched. After a lap of steady-state, I caught up with them and they asked if I was interested in joining them for some 1000m race pieces. Yes.

The intensity of race pieces was a welcome distraction. We sent off Happy Double first, because they had to practice in the Maas ocean bathtub double, which added further disadvantage. After them, me, and after me, Serious Double. So I got to both chase and be chased.

I was satisfied with being back in the blue Hudson. I've made arrangements to use it for Gold Rush. Serious Double also asked if I'd be interested in a quad at Gold Rush. They barely got the words out before I said, "Yes." Somewhere around 4 sprint races in a day is my limit. It feels silly to show up for just one race, but it also takes some work to sort out good racing partners. After I rowed with M on Sunday, we chatted about Gold Rush as well, but it sounded like May was going to be just a little too hectic for her, so we agreed to look into other regattas later in the year instead.

Quads are fun.



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May. 7th, 2016 06:00 am (UTC)
Quads are fun.. unless your bow seat is grumpy and neurotic!

That was my experience on Wednesday. The three of us not in bow had a good row, but Ms grumpy bow seat was just all out of sorts! Thankfully she is good at steering, which is why we have her in bow. Otherwise someone with a happier disposition would do it. I am happy, but terrible at steering.
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