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Boat notes: Pocock

So I've been admiring this old wooden Pocock stored away in the boathouse. It reminds me of getting to row RK's boat, the Daisy, in the Seattle area - one of the first singles I ever got to row in. I have such fond memories of taking out the Daisy. Anyway, while I was helping D put the boats back into the boathouse on Saturday, he mentioned that he thought the wooden Pocock might be for sale.

It turns out that the guy who owns it is actually trying to sell a different wooden boat at the moment, a lightweight shell that isn't what I'm looking for. Nonetheless, he's also looking to upgrade to a Van Dusen, which he ordered several months ago and expects will show up sometime in the next couple of months. So he'll also be looking to move along the Pocock soon enough.

I'm not exactly on the market for my own rowing shell at the moment, but if this one works out, I'll make it work somehow. The boat might have to be kept primarily in storage for the near future because I'm too transient and boathouse space is already at capacity with a deep waiting list. Still. A seaworthy old wooden Pocock would be just the thing for me.

I have to admit that I'm petrified about the idea of car-topping a fragile antique wooden boat. On the other hand, I should probably start looking into the various rack options and boat covers.



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May. 13th, 2016 06:43 pm (UTC)
Well, Princess TinyCar does have a trailer hitch, too =P
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