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I can't do justice to telling you how the Gold Rush regatta went on Saturday, except to say I feel really lucky to get to hang out with the BPRC gang. They are great. Hopefully I can use them as inspiration/motivation to get in an even better rowing groove. I've continued to suffer predominantly from the problem of not managing to get myself out of bed and over to the boathouse.

The venue for the Gold Rush regatta is on Lake Natoma, in Sacramento. They host a whole series of regattas in May every year, and have all the pieces in place to run everything well, including a fancy starting platform where they can push out or pull in individual dock segments for each lane to align the bow balls.

Our Women's C quad came in first, and rowed well with good focus, but I still have this sense that we could squeeze out more speed. I had a pretty solid race in the 1x but got edged out by another rower who is apparently a professional mountain bike racer (Tara Walhart?). At least it was a good speed benchmark?


One of the things that scrottie and I try to do every week is sit down to plan out the week. Initially, sytharin and L were hanging around while we tried to talk things through. L's preferred form of wordplay is the portmanteau, to the point where he's created an organization he calls The Departmanteau. If you hang around him long enough, you eventually find yourself inventing portmanteaus, too. Anyway, while sitting there, he started mumbling "Group...think...groupthink.." to himself, and, eventually, "Grink," which then led S to say, "Up a grink without a scrum!" in reference to our prior conversations about scrums (new to me because academics don't do that stuff).

Somehow that is a good summary of how Sunday went. I had to start a new experiment, which involved going to the lab to remove food from a cricket box at 1 pm, and then going back at 5 pm to inject the crickets with inulin and take hemolymph samples 25 minutes later. In between, RAC and I visited Berkeley Horticulture to make some decisions about a couple of plants, and I braved Monterey Market for some groceries. We also attended to a couple of the garden projects: repotting the pomegranate in a gorgeous giant planter, harvesting and processing carrots, harvesting the bolting lettuce, and harvesting onion greens. There's going to be a lull period now, up until the summer vegetables are ready to harvest.

This new experiment is going to take some work to finagle. It's the pilot phase of a project to study how metabolism changes across the circadian cycle in the wing-dimorphic crickets. Right now, we're measuring the baseline composition and volume of the cricket hemolymph at four different timepoints to get an idea of whether and how it changes. Two details are important: we're focusing on crickets at day 5 of adulthood, and they have to have food withheld for 4 hours prior to measurements. The 4-hour food withholding is what's going to be tricky, particularly for the 9 am crickets. I'm also going to have to think about how I want to handle the 9 pm hemolymph collection time. I'll probably just work late on those nights.

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