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I bought a wee fern at Berkeley Horticulture last weekend, and decided that today was the day to transport it to work. It was so pleasingly hipster to cart it in my water bottle cage, so I took a photo of it to be my representative Coffeeshop Bike Ride picture for the week:

Highwire Coffee

The picture is zoomed-out to remind me that there's a Middle Eastern grocery right behind it, and also a cheese shop just down the block.

Highwire Coffee is a local chain that served up artisanal toast and good caffe latte in a bowl but without overboard latte art:

Highwire Coffee

They're close to a branch of the Berkeley Public Library, too. The back patio looked pleasant, based on a quick glance, and unlike Algorithm Coffee, which is right around the corner, they had plenty of individual seating. Better artwork, too.

After I parted ways with sytharin and L, as I was riding through an intersection, I heard a dismaying "POP!" sound, and, out of the corner of my eye, saw something fly off my bike onto the pavement. The fern's ceramic pot apparently couldn't handle the stress of being squeezed in a water bottle cage and rattled over rough pavement. So much for that twee notion. It's now transplanted into a ceramic mug I haven't been using. I kind of want to start a small fern collection. Or a small succulent collection. Or both?

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