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Highs and lows

Fortunately, the highs outweigh the lows, by a long shot.

Several years ago, annikusrex took a splendiferous End of Law School trip to Scotland, where she got to enjoy all the Scotch and beautiful countryside. She also took photos and gifted me one as a large print on some really cool paper. Seeing as I have generally been terrible about putting artwork in frames, I requested that a subsequent gift series consist of framing the print. Then, of course, shipping a framed print becomes a project in and of itself. And so yesterday evening, I received the long-anticipated beautiful picture! I'm looking forward to hanging it up in a good spot that will encourage contemplation in a landscape-y fashion. It will also provide encouragement for curation of the art gallery which is the bedroom, heh.

So that's a high point. A low point is tied to another weekly high point: as is our usual, sytharin, scrottie, L and I biked to a coffeeshop this morning for breakfast. This time we went to a place that feels over-wrought, Artis Coffee. A little overwroughtness can be okay, but in the world of coffee sometimes people take things a little too far. Regardless, the espresso was lovely. What was not so lovely was what happened when we went to unlock our bicycles and RAC discovered that someone had made off with her Novara trunk/pannier bag. She had locked her bike up in plain sight and was basically watching it the whole time we were enjoying breakfast. I was kicking myself because I should have realized that strip would be high in petty crime due to its proximity to areas with a lot of criminal activity. I was also incredibly lucky that the thief did not make off with *my* pannier instead, which was expensive (the Arkel one) and contained all my bike tools, my coffee mug, and a favorite wool shirt. While RAC's bag was a loss, it was not a catastrophic loss.

Lesson learned. I won't be complacent about leaving stuff on my bike again, even though it's a hassle to haul everything in with me.

I have such mixed feelings about that neighborhood. It's very close to the boathouse, and Catahoua Coffee, two blocks away, is nice and seems reasonably down-to-earth. But it's also full of Nouveau Riche stuff like Whole Paycheck and Crate and Barrel and the like. Bleagh.



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Jun. 4th, 2016 02:11 am (UTC)
How annoying!
My brother had some sort of blackburn rack/pack system that snapped in and out with almost trivial ease, that we then modified to allow him to padlock the retention mechanism and at least make it fairly difficult to remove the pack.
Jun. 6th, 2016 10:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, after it happened S mentioned telling her about his similar padlock system for his Ortlieb panniers.
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