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sytharin and I went out to visit the Three Bears on Saturday morning. Towards the beginning of the ride, she remarked that it was probably the first long ride she'd done since the Seattle-to-Portland last summer. It felt good to stretch my legs on the hills, and it was especially nice to do the ride with functioning brakes. The hills are steep enough that I wasn't comfortable descending at full speed with non-functional brakes a couple weekends ago.

By the time we got home, I had enough time to sit on the couch for a minute and take a shower before it was time to swing by Monterey Market and then head in to the lab. On the weekends, Monterey Market gets so busy that the restocking staff can't keep up with demand, and often they also completely run out of things like carrots or mushrooms. So it was that I bought a full gallon jug of milk instead of two cartons (cartons are easier to store in our fridge and are useful containers for tossing out litterbox waste).

Saturday night we had a ravioli feast to carb-reload after the bicycling.

Sunday morning, I went rowing with M, which was great. We aren't a total natural fit, but we can both tell that, with some work, we can get a double moving along nicely. M is going to be in Boston over the weekend of the Head of the Charles anyway, so we're going to just go ahead and put in a 2x entry, and, failing that, probably a Director's 4x entry. So, that should be fun. I'm in charge of scoping out head races in Seattle as well, given that we both have interests in going to Seattle to visit our families and friends.

I had a small window of free time after that, so I finally managed to make progress on a couple of small projects. I've had a pile of various rowing-related items sitting on my desk, and finally got those organized into a binder so that things like training programs and rowing humor should be readily accessible. I also rearranged the artwork on the wall behind the bed, and am tremendously pleased with the outcome:

Art gallery update

And now it's time for another busy week of cricket research. Things are going to remain intense for a while as experiments heat up in addition to a friend's upcoming visit next weekend...


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Jun. 22nd, 2016 06:22 pm (UTC)
In some world where we have geographic colocation, access to a boathouse, and a couple hours of quiet and reasonable weather, I would love to go out rowing with you. You're far more serious about it than I have been in years but I still think it would be fun.
Jun. 23rd, 2016 06:42 pm (UTC)
I'm looking at head races in the fall in the Seattle area, so if I manage to pull that off, we might just get in a jaunt! Hmm, I should find out more details about what that would entail at the Pocock Center, preferably sooner rather than later...
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