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Keep moving

I'm getting some whiplash from going back and forth between projects and tasks.

scrottie joined me for some stadium benches yesterday. Here's what the benches look like:

Stadium benches at UC Berkeley

Due to some miscommunication, we met up after I had already worked my way down to the far end (~18 sets of benches). So I continued and worked my way back to the beginning. I walked, while S ran and got in as many repeats as he could in the available time. Walking instead of running meant I still managed to pry myself out of bed to go rowing this morning.

It was windy, and nobody else was at the boathouse when I arrived. Iz showed up just as I went to put the blue Hudson on the water, so I wound up a lap ahead of her. I mostly did a bunch of legs-only rowing to work on more effective catches. I need to keep practicing that but it felt like I made some progress. It took some mental effort to get myself to complete all 3 laps.

Tomorrow, a friend of mine from Texas is coming to town for a visit. I'm excited and also nervous because the visit will be time-consuming.

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