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Science jet lag

The science jet lag isn't so horribly wretched at the moment, although I'm expecting some carryover through tomorrow.

We did the first run of the 1 am timepoint last night. That meant hanging out in the lab until 8 pm, when it was time to remove food from the cage, then hanging out until 11:30 when it was time for our final preparations, then running the show from 12-2 am.

To fool the crickets into thinking it's nighttime, we worked under red light. K took some photos at my request:

Nighttime tracer injection setup

Nighttime tracer injection setup

Nighttime tracer injection setup

Nighttime tracer injection setup

We made several mistakes, which could mean having to do a three-peat of this timepoint. At some point, the light to the left of my head fell down and the bulb burned out. While plugging in a replacement light, K must have accidentally jostled the adapter for the fan pump we were using to flush those 60-mL syringes with dry, CO2-free air. Unfortunately she didn't notice quite when that happened, so we had to re-flush all of the syringes and start the stop-flow incubation 30 minutes late. We'll still be able to compare long-winged versus short-winged crickets, but since we don't know the full timecourse for our injected tracer we don't know if these results will be comparable to the rest of our results.

At one point, I also opened the door and exposed the crickets to some incandescent light. Argh.

Then I slept on C's office floor in a sleeping bag until 4 am, when I got up to remove food from another set of crickets for the 9 am timepoint. This system wound up being less hellish than just running one of the two timepoints. Once the crickets were squared away at 4 am, I slept until 7:10 and then walked over to Yali's for a latte and scone. We wrapped up the 9 am timepoint by 10, and I headed home for a couple of hours.

The downside of this kind of arrangement is trying to figure out what to do from 10 am - 2 pm. I'm not very good at taking naps, nor do I want to completely throw my sleep schedule out the window. So I rested and worked on a couple of household chores.

Tomorrow we only have a couple of crickets that will be ready, so we'll take things easy and just run the 5 pm timepoint. We'll be doing another 1 am stint on Friday night. We're actually making very good progress overall, although things can get a little frustrating because we lose data left and right due to various small mishaps. It's just a difficult experiment to complete smoothly.


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Jul. 14th, 2016 04:33 am (UTC)
This sounds just excruciating. I hope you get a ton of good results.
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