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Yesterday was a long day. After tending to a handful of miscellaneous errands in the morning, I headed in to work. During our lab meeting, we hashed out plans for a field expedition this upcoming weekend. Originally we were going to leave on Friday, but the circadian crickets made things complicated, so the new plan is for us to finish out the circadian experiment Friday night/Saturday morning, then sleep, then head out to the field site. We aim to return by midday on Monday so our intrepid undergrads can make it back in time for their summer classes. Then I will turn around and head out to the Midwest via Amtrak on Tuesday morning for some Midwestern bicycling adventures.

I'm reminded of that one 400k brevet that scrottie and I completed last September, where work was super hectic and we barely got any sleep before the brevet. The early hours of that brevet were such a merciful relief from being in the lab, but by the end of the ride we were so exhausted that we had to keep flopping down on the ground for little naps.

I don't know quite what to bring along for the Amtrak segment of the trip yet. Probably the cat bed quilting project and a book or two.

Anyway, after hashing out fieldwork plans, I had to do a somewhat hastily tacked-on project to start repeating the procedures we've worked out for the sand crickets (Gryllus firmus) in the variable field crickets (Gryllus lineaticeps, the species we'll go hunt for over the weekend). That made yesterday a triple-procedure kind of day, oof, where I had to roll straight from one task into the next.

The thing that hits me the hardest is the carryover aspect of things. I'm feeling so unmotivated today because task-switching takes extra energy that I just don't have right now, so then I wind up with awkward gaps of time where I can't seem to get anything done. It's not easy to be at peace with the gaps, even though that's probably the best answer for things.


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