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Pesto season has begun

I snuck in TWO trips to the BAP this week. Yesterday was the usual rigamarole: get up, prepare breakfast, lunch, and a change of clothes, go rowing, have breakfast at work, etc.

From the north end of the Berkeley Aquatic Park
(view from the north end of the BAP)

This morning was different: Get up, go to the boathouse for physical therapy exercises/strength training, then meet up with sytharin and L for Bike-Friendly Friday coffee at Catahoula, and ride home after that.

I spent the morning at home, gloriously, doing laundry, tying up loose ends in the kitchen, and gearing up for back-to-back trips. So many bits and pieces to remember. Then I went back to the fancy hat store and bought a fancy, wide-brimmed hat. A blurry photo of it:

Blurry wide-brimmed hat

Hopefully it will be less warm than the wool felt cowboy hat in warm, sunny weather. Good for times when I'm stuck in the sun.


Last night, sytharin announced that the basil in the garden was ready to harvest. She carried in a huge bunch, enough leaves to fill the salad spinner to the brim, and we made a large batch of pesto. It went well with some pasta and the vegetables I needed to use up before I leave town. We put two half-pint jars in the fridge, two in the freezer.

And now, work. 1 am timepoint tonight, then sleep, then we depart for fieldwork.

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