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And so the weekend draws to a close

On Saturday, I laundered most everything except for the fuzzy cat blanket.

My purse is one of these Eagle Creek dealies. At some point, the main buckle broke, so I took apart the stitching and sewed in a replacement. On Saturday, I put it in a bucket with some Oxy-Clean and the water turned interesting colors, then I rinsed it and hung it out to dry with the rest of the laundry. It's almost like having a new purse.

I took the three largest cucumbers that sytharin had harvested from the garden and turned them into a cucumber-feta salad. I took a bunch of carrots and made some French carrot salad, too, using lemon juice from the tree in the backyard. Then I went over to the other house for dinner, where we also ate a bunch of the green beans from the garden. Some of the tomatoes from the garden went into a big vat of macaroni and cheese.

This morning, I made rhubarb coffeecake from the latest grip of rhubarb. Then scrottie and I worked on a fancy polenta dish from the Cafe Flora cookbook. After finishing those preparations, I turned the rest of the current green bean harvest into dilly beans. I also baked a loaf of bread.

The house is quiet this evening - just me and the cat. I'm back at it with the feeding experiment again already. While I was out of town, it was basically a full-time project for L, so I think she was relieved to have help again today, finally. She heads out of town on August 15 for fieldwork, so soon I will have to assume the mantle.

Hopefully that's most of the cooking for the week.


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