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Changes and improvements

I am totally in one of those phases where I'm gearing up to plunge into a ton of work again. Tuesday and yesterday, I devoted some time to tidying and organizing spaces in the lab that have been gradually devolving into chaos over the course of the circadian experiments.

I decided yesterday to switch up my work computer usage. I broke down and installed Excel on my personal laptop. Originally I had deleted everything except Word because I couldn't figure out how to collaborate with coauthors in any other way. But the thing is that now I am collaborating with others on Excel spreadsheets kept on a networked drive, so I needed that, too. Sigh.

Overall, though, this should simplify multiple things. I can delete out a series of files that I'd duplicated across my personal computer and the shared drive, and I can stop pretending that I'll ever reach a point where I won't haul a laptop around with me. And I won't bother trying to custom-configure the PC after the disk has been re-imaged. I might still use it for a couple of PC-related tasks, but otherwise it's relegated to the side of the desk.

And only 9 months after getting here, I finally gathered up succulent cuttings from various garden plants and made cute windowsill planters for the office.

Updated to include a photo of said succulents:

Going for that whole 3-level effect


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Aug. 11th, 2016 06:49 pm (UTC)
And, yes. Already my workflow is streamlined again and the mental overhead of remembering, "Is that file on my personal laptop or the network drive?" is greatly reduced.
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