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So, about two months ago, scrottie bought a 27-foot vintage sailboat, to go with his vintage motorcycle, Honda Z600, and Toyota Dolphin. Upon his return from the Midwest, he's been going to sailing lessons over at the California Sailing Club. I don't have the time or energy for yet another hobby, but was curious about the whole setup. So we went to their once-a-month Open House.

Sailing open house at the Berkeley Marina

The line to sign waivers was very long, in part because they were using that line to keep the line for life jackets from getting too out of hand. The waiver line isn't very visible in this picture, but you can get an idea of the size of the crowds. They were taking 3 or 4 people out in the dinghies, or 5 or 6 in some keeled boats.

Sailing open house at the Berkeley Marina

After about an hour and a quarter, I made it through the lines and over to one of the dinghies pictured above.

I hadn't been out on a sailboat since high school, and the boats we used at that time were larger, built for short trips. The dingies were agile, fast, and responsive, although the windsurfers racing around were going about twice as fast as we were. The wind and waves were brisk. The dinghies seem like good boats for learning the ropes, and the sailing cove was a nice body of water. It sits right on the other side of the freeway from the BAP.

They have an interesting dress code at the CSC. (click through and zoom in to read it)

Sailing open house at the Berkeley Marina

Then I went to the lab to work on the daily feeding experiment chores.

Today - well, tomorrow, really - we are running the 1 am timepoint. We're trying to collect pilot data in advance of a conference deadline, so we'll ship samples off to a collaborator tomorrow. Last week I did a good job of making it to the boathouse on all four of my intended mornings, and I want to keep that up this week, so I kicked off the week with a trip to the gym this morning. That meant packing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to eat at the lab.

And with that, time to get back to working on my job application materials.

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