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Ka-whump [rowing]

Can I just say again, how grateful I am for the wonderful people out here? This morning, I managed to deactivate the bed magnets and made it to the boathouse for a Tuesday morning workout in the 1x. The Serious Double has helped maintain the training agenda as they gear up for the Head of the Charles, and this time of year they apparently alternate between hard weeks and easy weeks. Last week was an easy week, so by extrapolation you can guess that this morning was not so easy: 48 minutes of intervals, total.

It's nice enough having the double kick my butt, but in addition P has been showing up, in her single, and she and I are just about the exact same speed. The Serious Double had to get off the water in time for Iz to catch the 8 am train, but P and I stuck it out to finish the second set of intervals (first set: 22 minutes of 90 seconds hard, 30 seconds paddle; second set: 45 seconds hard, 15 seconds paddle). There's no substitute for having another boat right next to you, pushing you to keep going until the very end of the last piece.

Helps make up for having had a fairly lazy Monday morning (from an exercise standpoint), where all I did was an ab workout and some physical therapy exercises for my shoulders.

I love it - all of it. The BAP is small, but we make good use of the water. It's a permissive environment, meaning that the people and place foster opportunities to get better and faster.

I thrive in permissive environments. But then again, so do most people. I think that's at the heart of this post on boosting student confidence, too:

Thursday will be race pieces, in the 2x with M. Probably two 5ks - the standard head racing distance. Hopefully we can keep up with the Serious Double. M and I had a great practice on Saturday morning, and the work in the double has been helping me find more speed in general, so we just have to find that groove and stay in it.


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