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Piano benches are like bike saddles

The piano bench showed up Wednesday night, but I was too dead to do anything with it until last night.

It's a cheap bench, but it is already eighty hojillion times better than the jury-rigged situation I had previously. As a bonus, all my piano books fit neatly inside (although this is where its cheapness is apparent; the storage space is small).

I can't promise that I'll play more frequently now. It makes me just a little sad whenever I'm in a phase where I can acquire something that will improve some situation at home, but then I don't have the time or energy to actually put that thing to use. Like buying my cat a nice perch but then not coming home in time to snuggle her.


At some point a week or two ago, my sister declared that we had planted too many tomato plants.

We've only just begun to make ketchup out of them! And we don't have a full years' supply of salsa yet. That's mostly because salsa takes more work to prepare.

I need to mix up some brine for refrigerator pickles. The cucumbers are still out of control.

In case this is ever useful to you: the teeny-tiny half-cup Mason jars fit inside of the wide-mouth quart-size Mason jars. This makes it possible to use the tiny Mason jars as weights to keep stuff submerged in brine. If stuff (e.g. peppers) are completely submerged in the brine, they will undergo anaerobic lactic acid fermentation. Some mold may form on the surface, but you can generally skim that off and eat the stuff underneath just fine.

Note to self: read more about fermented ketchup options.


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Sep. 17th, 2016 03:52 am (UTC)
We've taken to rinsing them, then putting them on a baking sheet and freezing them, and chucking them in bags in the freezer, and then turning those into sauce in Feb. It's a fast way to preserve them.
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