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Still overscheduled

The downside of working through the evening is that it interferes with sleep, every single time. I can't tell if my broken sleep and strange dreams last night were productive or not, but I can tell you that poor sleep caused me to miss my morning of PT exercises, stretching, and strength training today. These days I am using rowing as my mental break from academics, along with snatches of time for cooking and garden chores. More sedentary activities just make me too anxious.

I missed Tour de Fat San Francisco on Saturday. I had already committed to going rowing in the morning with M, so the day was sandwiched between that and having to go to the lab in the afternoon for daily feeding experiment duties.

Here's a Twitter thread on being an isolated academic. These things are often on my mind, although I'm not in nearly as desperate of circumstances as this person is. I *do* know that my current pace is not long-term sustainable. It feels more like how things feel during the middle of a busy academic semester.

I need to look at job applications as something that I ratchet my way through, not something that I sprint through. One click at a time, steadily moving forward. Second application submitted last night. Time to look ahead to the next set. There are a couple of positions in the next set that would be AWESOME.

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