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Well then.

Today I have jury duty, in Martinez, CA. I have already griped to my sister, scrottie, and the good people of Facebookland about what a nuisance it is to trek out to Martinez from El Cerrito given that I don't own a car. Apparently one can opt out of jury duty if one demonstrates undue transport hardship (i.e. mapped out total one-way travel time greater than 90 minutes), but of course the transit time for me via bike + 2 bus transfers squeaks in just under this total. I left home at 7 am, rode to the El Cerrito Plaza del Norte transit stop, then the second bus got me here.

I don't mind the waiting. Theoretically it's a chance to work on computer-based tasks. In practice, they started playing a movie or something at high volume right above the only desk spaces by the window. So instead I'm in the hallway, listening to the banging containers at the x-ray and at the edge of someone's personal fragrance cloud. Marginally better.

While I am waiting, I worked on the annoying battery acquisition situation. I appreciate all of the thoughts and tips. I resigned myself to placing a single Amazonia order this time around because I could not manage to easily track down any other sources offering both the CR2032 and LR41 batteries, and in retail stores they typically sell for at least 4 times the price as online. Hopefully the Amazonia honor the checkbox asking for things to be grouped into as few shipments as possible. You'd think those Locker pick-up spots would be a nice alternative, but for two things: the closest ones are apparently "full," and the end cost for shipping and handling is nearly identical. In case that's something you have ever wondered about.

Maybe I should just tackle the pants situation next.

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