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The problem with getting a brief taste of freedom is that then my ambitions run wild and I want to finish ALL THE PROJECTS.

Thus, this morning, I decided it was time to finish transplanting the vanilla bean orchid.

Vanilla bean orchid staked

That is a heavy-duty wooden stake wrapped in moss. scrottie kept joking about how he wasn't sure whether I got a sufficiently sturdy stake for the orchid. Vanilla bean orchids are vines that like high high high humidity, so I wanted to get this little vine transplanted ASAP to keep it happy.

I like the mossy aroma, but it also kind of makes me want to do some crazy and massive moss-themed redecorating. I guess that's what they say about taking the Pacific Northwesterner out of the PNW. From a bus poem: moss grows on the north side of our bones.


The taillight that was a cast-off from scrottie (Princeton Tec Swerve) must have decided to pop off on Tuesday after jury duty. I had no great fondness for it other than that it was free, but that left me with only the solid, kinda dim light mounted to the rack of the Jolly Roger, plus one of those dinky Planet Bike Spok lights that runs on a (surprise surprise) CR2032 battery. The Spok is fine as a backup, but not as a primary taillight because it doesn't use rechargeable batteries.

So I stopped by the local bike shop and got another one of those Planet Bike SuperFlashes. Also a CygoLite Expilion 720.

I've had a CygoLite for a while as one of my two headlights. It was also a castoff from S. Whenever I go over bumps, it flickers on and off, suggesting loose wiring somewhere. It also spontaneously turns itself on, so I can't leave it on the bike or it runs down its battery (also, theft).

On the other hand, I've basically tried to destroy it, and it refuses to die completely. The mounting bracket has also held up to years of abuse (at least 5 or 6 years by now). So I am hopeful that the replacement will actually serve me well. In addition, the battery from the old CygoLite fits in the new one. And maybe I can return the previous generation light to the company and grump about it.


So, that's two miscellaneous to-do items checked off the list.

But seriously, pants.


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Oct. 14th, 2016 04:37 pm (UTC)
Re: because I'm not allowed to spend money for the next 3 months
You are THE BEST!


Lucky Easy Rider size 12 yes.

Dockers for Women size 12 regular length (I forget how they specify that)

Lee relaxed fit.

I think the biggest holdup at this very moment is just that I need to balance my checkbook <-- old-fashioned. :^)
Oct. 15th, 2016 07:38 pm (UTC)
Re: because I'm not allowed to spend money for the next 3 months
I looked at Salvation Army but all the size 12s were skinny jeans. So horrifying.
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