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Solo Row

It was challenging to get up and out this morning, but I made myself do it.

None of the usual suspects were at the BAP. The Serious Double, P, and Old Man Double are all in Boston getting ready for the Head of the Charles this weekend. The water was glass-flat. I had the BAP completely to myself.

I took out the Kaschper because the blue Hudson is still drying out in advance of stern compartment repairs. The Kaschper is rigged higher and it took a while to get comfortable in it, but eventually I got back to a point where I could do a couple of hard power 10's.

Today I should order one of those Stroke Coach GPS units so I can start to structure my workouts better. After that, I think I want to time-trial some boats and oars. Maybe a 2x2 experiment: Kaschper vs. blue Hudson, Concept2 vs. Dreher oars. To be fully fair, I think I should do back-to-back pieces and reverse the equipment test order on subsequent practice days.

This is the best time of year for the project. In November, I'll tackle the Holiday Challenge by working my way through some of the marathon training program. It's almost time to start making race plans for 2017, and I'll aim to make it as good year as I can. All the better if I can mix things up with some 2x races in addition to the 1x.



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Oct. 21st, 2016 03:15 am (UTC)
Huh, does the gps manage to interface somehow with the oars so it can tell your stroke rate?
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