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Oh Friday

sytharin and L are out of town, so no coffeeshop bike ride this morning.

It would still be so very nice and luxurious to spend part of the day sitting on a patio somewhere, sipping a nice beverage and working at a productive but not frantic pace.

But now is not the time for that, unfortunately.

I did forge ahead and ordered myself one of those SpeedCoach GPS units. To answer randomdream's question about them: I believe the units also contain an accelerometer, which is what measures stroke rating while rowing.

I'm looking forward to having some numbers to work with while on the water. This is funny in contrast to bicycling. Although I have an odometer, I've realized that I tend to mostly use it for the clock, or to go, "Whee, look at how fast I'm going down this hill!" If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I'll note how many miles I've been riding. But I haven't been doing any riding, really, outside of commuting and errands.

Also how about the current DDOS attacks on Twitter (well, technically on Dyn). It's preventing me from procrastinating effectively, dangnabit! On the other hand, the co-option of the Internet of Things is interesting. I could also say "scary," except wasn't this kind of inevitable?

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