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Well, *that* was a Monday.

Here is a grid of sample sizes for the circadian experiment:

Sample sizes.jpg

We haven't been able to decide which is worse, the 1 am timepoint or the 9 am timepoint. I'm leaning towards the 9 am timepoint. You'd think 9 am doesn't sound all that bad, right? But we have to make sure the crickets are in a postingestive state, so someone has to take away their food 4 hours before the timepoint. And the 9 am timepoint actually starts at 8 am, so that means getting to campus by 4 am.

Even morning people have limits, and my limit is having to wake up before 4 am.

Also, when the timepoint starts at 8 am, that means we have to prepare certain things right before the experiment itself starts, so the work actually begins closer to 7 am.

To top things off, the person who has been helping on this project, through thick and thin, lost track of things and slept in this morning. As a result, I learned that I *can* run the whole experiment by myself. That said, I really, really, really hope I never, ever have to do that again.

Those glucose samples are crossed out because of a snafu with our respirometry setup. I have to manually set the range for our high-precision carbon dioxide detector, but early on I set the range too low and so our measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled are underestimates. We might be able to get that info from our collaborator who measures the C-13 sample enrichment, but I'm not certain of that yet.

Also, my Halloween costume is made of polyester, and polyester smells awful, especially when one is sweating from all the extra anxiety and running around.

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