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Blargh, continued

Yesterday morning left me feeling sufficiently terrible that I left work at around 1:30, went to Berkeley Bowl to pick up some groceries and cricket food, then went home and curled up on the couch with the cat. Cat therapy.

This is one of those head colds that starts with a scratchy back of the throat. I am pretty sure that the only cure is rum.

scrottie and L are both sufficiently civilized human beings that they came home with candy to give out for Halloween. I was feeling sufficiently antisocial that I didn't want to repeatedly answer the door, so we set out one of those plastic pumpkin buckets and periodically refilled it. Seemed like a reasonable compromise. I feel bad about missing out on an opportunity to get to know more of the neighbors and see kids in cute costumes, but at least we contributed to the collective sugar-high. And I didn't pass on my cold.

This evening we'll do another 9 pm timepoint, and then we'll ship out a box of samples in the morning. Then we'll take a couple of days off while we wait to find out the results and whether we need to continue re-tooling things for the glutamate and oleic acid tracers. But just for fun, we'll probably stay up until 1 am on another night this week anyway to finish collecting data for a different project (characterizing cricket hemolymph across the circadian cycle). Given that we finally have good cricket numbers, we might as well put the crickets to use.

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