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Sunday morning in the garden

Back to working on job applications momentarily.

But first - I spent Sunday morning working on the front yard. At first glance, the front yard looks fabulous. It's lush and green and colorful. Those are signs of a nicely landscaped space.

At second glance, I think the best description for it is sytharin's brief summary this morning: she was going for "drought-tolerant with succulents," whereas A may or may not have gotten carried away with flamboyant plants, and the result is a mixture of great things and things that grow just a *little* too aggressively.

The result does not make for a low-maintenance landscape. That makes me miss the Farmer House, which had a phenomenal xeriscaped front yard that was indeed low-maintenance. Ah well. Perhaps in the long run we can transition it into a lower-maintenance landscape. For now, the main thing that has to happen is repeatedly charging at the windmill.

A few photographs:

Garden interlude
Here you are looking towards the front walk. I spent a bunch of time liberating that silvery bunchgrassy plant in the foreground. There's some sort of pleasant viney plant growing along the brickwork behind it, but in the absence of regular pruning, the viney plant has been trying to engulf everything within reach.

Garden interlude
It's hard to tell from this photo, but this is where I spent the most time, battling against the same viney plant before it takes over the sidewalk. In this picture, it's now mostly confined to the brickwork. Along the top, it was trying to grow out, but the ornamental strawberry planted as groundcover was also trying to grow out and down over it. Both parties are at least contained, for now, for the most part.

Garden interlude
The front bed, plus Princess TinyCar and scrottie's motorcycle. I didn't do this area full justice today. I just focused on ripping out a bunch of nasturtium. This bed needs a better long-term strategy. It's chock-full of wildflower weed seeds, which like to grow up and engulf the long-term residents. I am thinking it probably needs a very thorough weeding and then a nice, thick bed of mulch. There are a number of wonderful plants tucked in here among all of the weeds. I would note that those blonde bunchgrasses that look so elegant also appear to be good at spreading themselves willy-nilly. Plant cautiously.

Garden interlude
Things aren't always as they seem. The lambs' ear, in the foreground, looks good, sure, but is also great at propagating itself. In the background, near the base of that maple tree, there's a drought-tolerant, low-lying shrub that you can barely see. It doesn't look like too much yet, but is coming back to life thanks to the recent rains. Other than that, things feel a little hodgepodge in this section at the moment. I think our strategy is going to be to take things out as they get too crazy, and replace them with things that aren't as crazy.

Garden interlude
I had some visitors while I worked. I didn't photograph all of the Argentine ants that came pouring out of one of the hens-and-chicks, or the dormant ladybugs, or the tiny spiders, or the copious earthworms, or the isopods, or the neighbors' dog.

Two non-garden photos:
Orchid room
Blossoms are forming on sytharin's orchid. Also, does anyone know how to re-attach the brass knob on that mister?

Sunday afternoon nap
Emma joins me for a Sunday afternoon nap.



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Nov. 7th, 2016 01:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for photos!
Tackling weeds and overgrowth can sometimes be "therapeutic"! Continuing well wishes with your application process.
Nov. 7th, 2016 06:23 am (UTC)
It all looks so warm :-)
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